set up vpn server on windows 10

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Proxy server reverting after reboot

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Backup and restore GPO’s

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How to Backup and Restore Group Policy Objects

when the state stays in checking pre-requisites for a long time ( note: this usually already takes a long time so give it time – at least an hour ) then something went wrong

to fix this try to restart the SMS_EXECUTIVE service, though this will likely not work

to really fix this we need to delete the packageid entrys from the database

find the packageid by looking into the easysetuppayload folder under the install dir from SCCM

eg: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\EasySetupPayload

take the packageid’s and make sure they match the ones in the below sql script:

check if the records are present:

FROM <Database Name>.dbo.CM_UpdatePackages
where PackageGuid=’037CD17E-4D7B-40E1-802B-14BB682364C7′ or¬†PackageGuid=’609F1263-04E0-49A8-940B-09E0E34DE2D2′;

delete the records:

DELETE FROM <Database Name>.dbo.CM_UpdatePackages
where PackageGuid = ‘037CD17E-4D7B-40E1-802B-14BB682364C7’ or PackageGuid = ‘609F1263-04E0-49A8-940B-09E0E34DE2D2’;

note: change database name also of course to the exact name of your database ( eg CM_P01 )

after the delete statement, refresh the SCCM console and the updates should be gone

you can redo the update procedure now ( first run the ps1 script to find the updates and let them download again )